Hybrid System Faults

There are a number of symptoms you will experience when your hybrid vehicle is experiencing faults in the hybrid system.

- If your vehicle is continuously running on engine, for example in traffic or slow moving traffic it never switches the engine off to run on the hybrid battery.

- Vehicle has loss of power, Unable to start.

- Hybrid Battery is charging and discharging rapidly.

- Vehicle is consuming a lot more petrol.

If your vehicle is experiencing similar problems above, and have the follwing warning lights on your dashboard then your vehicle is experiencing a problem with the Hybrid Battery.

Toyota Prius Models

Generation 1 Prius 1.5 Model (-2003)

Generation 2 Prius 1.5 Model (2004-2009)

- Engine Management Light

- VSC Light

- Break System Warning Light

- Master Warning Light (Red Triangle)

Generation 3 Prius 1.8 Model (2009-2015)

- Engine Management Light

- "Check Hybrid System" Message - Needs a full diagnostic in order to pin point which area of the Hybrid System has gone wrong

Toyota Estima Models

Generation 1 Toyota Estima Hybrid

- Master Warning Light (Car with exclamation mark)

- VSC Light

- ABS Light

- Break System Warning Light

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