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Here is a list of testimonials where customers have used our services and given us reviews to help other customers considering whether to use our services.

Robert S from Farnham Generation 2 Prius Owner

"I have had no problems at all in the months since Leon repaired my Hybrid, in fact it seems to charge better than it ever did, and having the ability to have someone come to my home and save me transportation costs was so invaluable! Great service, prompt and much better than paying a garage thousands to do the same job. Thank you Leon."

Georgi from East London, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"Since you've repaired then hybrid battery, the car is working perfect. Thank you for the professional and fast service, Much appreciated."

Andy from Twickenham, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"Made a call, appointment was arranged next day. Check was thorough and professional. I would use again and definitely recommend."

Norman from Grantham, Generation 3 Prius Owner

"I have recently had my hybrid battery replaced by a most professional service engineer, Leon. He was curteous, polite and did an excellent job of my battery replacement. He was prompt and very efficient and comes to your place of work/home. I would certainly recommend this professional service to anyone."

Sajid from South East London, Generation 3 Prius Owner

"Mobile Hybrid Repair visited me to repair my 2010 Toyota Prius, Leon provided an excellent service and the car is now working like new, after replacing the battery, Leon also checks the oil, spark plugs, and fluids. Prompt service, on time, definitely will use again and recommend to other Hybrid Vehicle owners."

Tim from North London, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"Leon repaired our 2nd Generation Prius last week.  He did an excellent job, determining exactly what was wrong with the car (dirt in the fan was causing overheating), rather than the batteries needing replacing at this time.  He’s saved a considerable amount of unnecessary work (and cost).  I will have no hesitation in returning to mobilehybridbatteryrepair next time I need some battery work done and recommend him to provide honest, thorough and cost effective repairs, with friendly and convenient service."

Imre from Cambridge, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"Mobile Hybrid Repair has serviced my Gen2 a few months ago regarding my hybrid battery issue and the results are impressive. Since then, my MPG has improved. Best of all, they are reliable, professional and can be contacted any time."

Irfan from North London, Lexus GS450h Owner

"The car is running well and I'm very impressed with your professional level of service."

Zoltan from Hampshire, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"The battery of my Prius developed a fault and a Toyota garage gave me an estimate of £1500 for the replacement. I went on the internet and found Mobile Hybrid Repair. I made a phone call and the appointment was arranged for a Sunday. The check was thorough and professional. Leon checked the oil and spark plugs too. I would certainly use this service again."

Sajith from Orpington, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"Great job, it was a really smart fix for the issue on the Hybrid Battery of my Prius 2006 model, otherwise I would have ended up spending a lot of money at a Toyota Garage or for a new car. Thanks"

Rohit from Milton Keynes, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"Excellent job Leon. Since you have repaired my Gen 2 Prius, no problems at all. It was a tricky one as even Toyota Garage couldn't find why the VSC, Master Brake Lights were flashing. They just reset the codes and told me to drive and it came back again. I was told by Toyota it might be the Hybrid Battery but it was the Battery Cooling Fan. I would have spend a lot of money if I would have gone to Toyota again. Thanks for coming straight next day and sorting it out. Very professional service and definitely recommend. Thanks."

Manjit from Romford, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"I'm so glad that I come across Mobile Hybrid Battery repair when doing a search in Google. This was after me almost giving up all hope with my Toyota Prius after it was misdiagnosed by a Toyota 'Hybrid' Specialist garage. Leon and his brother spent endless hours trying to get the car back on the road after the hybrid battery was repaired. Huge credit goes out to them as once the battery was fixed the car still didn't run. Issue on top ended up being the incorrect fuel in the car. They drained the car of diesel, changed the oil and car was running good as new. I would definitely recommend using Mobile Hybrid Battery Repair 100%  Excellent customer service all round."

Brij from Berkshire, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"I had a scare when the RAC told me about my Prius battery and likely costs. Pleasantly surprised to have my Prius battery issue resolved within 24 hours of making call to Leon. All at an affordable charge, and without having to take my car anywhere."

James from Bristol, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"My 2006 Prius hybrid battery started problems, and Toyota said it would cost £1600+ to fix. Leon sorted it out for a fraction of this, and was highly professional throughout. I would definitely recommend him to other Prius drivers."

John from Basildon, Essex, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"I would like to say that the service and attention that I have received from Leon the mechanic was impeccable. He came on time, knew what he was doing, and did his utmost to see that my battery problem was fixed. It was a pleasure do do business with him. Even more so because of the exorbitant prices charged by Toyota main agent. (These batteries are made so that they can't be messed about with by the average DIY man so he was a godsend). Thank you. 100% recommended. Also he advised that these engines should be run so the battery keeps topped up and not to let the battery stand unused for longish periods otherwise problems can develop. This happened to me so that was valuable advice."

Ian from Stevenage, Generation 2 Prius Owner

"From first contact to repair completed Leon was courteous, knowledgeable and professional. When speaking on the phone Leon had a good idea of the issue with my 2006 Prius, this was proved correct when he came to fix the car. The fault was officially diagnosed within 10 minutes of his arrival and fixed within two hours. I had taken the car to my local Toyota main dealer who had 'diagnosed' a different problem which turned out to be totally wrong. If I had let them fix my car I would be about £2800 worse off. Leon charged me a fraction of the cost, identified the correct cause and couldn't have been better. Many thanks Leon for getting me back on the road quickly and for a reasonable cost. Highly recommended."

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